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Rebekah Bailey, MSW

My approach to psychotherapy recognizes the primary importance of the therapeutic alliance and the healing relationship. My goal is to create a safe, compassionate environment where clients know they are not alone and learn to recognize and leverage their own strengths, challenge their own unhelpful thoughts and practices, and accept their own humanity and limitations. 

I believe every person has the ability to gain insight and create change in how they experience life. Each of us has the power to choose a life that is authentic, productive and rewarding, to maximize connection and joy, to minimize suffering. In short, to live well despite challenges and limitations. It is the greatest privilege to partner with others on their journey. I have so much respect for individuals who have the courage to invest in themselves by committing to therapy.

My therapeutic approach is an integrative holistic approach utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma informed care, dialectical behavior therapy, and the principles of narrative therapy.

***Please note: Rebekah is a master-level clinician who is currently pursuing clinical hours towards her independent license (LCSW). She has worked underneath the supervision of Stephanie Staveland, LCSW

since August 2020 when she began her bachelor's level internship. 

Not currently accepting new clients.

  • University of Alaska Fairbanks, May 2021, Bachelor of Social Work

  • University of Kentucky, December 2022, Master of Social Work

  • Undergraduate intern at Providence Alaska Medical Group

  • Graduate intern at MyHouse


  • Graduate Certificate in Clinical Counseling- University of Kentucky

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